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This Is What Happens to Your Body the Longer You Go Without Sleep (video)

You may think that you can stay up and study or work and get ahead. But - you might want to rethink that strategy. For each day that you don't get sleep, you will suffer.


  • After even one night, you may notice impaired focus and movement - as if you were drinking and had a blood-alcohol level of .10% (keep in mind that the legal blood alcohol level for driving is under 0.08%).
  • And, your memory starts getting impaired after just one night. So, are you really going to do better at work or on that test?
  • Things just get worse the longer the more sleep deprived you are, where you can experience breathing issues, have reduced anaerobic power, lose your ability to think straight, become agitated - and even psychosis if you go too long without sleep.

Yikes! But the good news? All of the above can be remedied - just by getting enough sleep.