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Hypnosis for weight loss

The Surprising Way Hypnosis Changed My Approach to Health and Fitness


Quite often, it is that nagging mental chatter that sabotages peoples' diet and exercise programs. For example, the author of this article literally dreamed about cookies not letting her alone until she ate them all.

She then realized that she had to stop the continual mental chatter that told her that it was 'okay' to eat cookies and skip workouts. So, she went to a hypnotist - and found the experience surprisingly different than what she expected hypnosis to be. Read more »

How to Break Through Weight Loss Plateaus


You lost a bunch of weight, patted yourself on the back, and then - the dreaded plateau hit, where even though you dieted perfectly, you didn't lose weight, the scale was just stuck. This is the point where a large percentage of dieters give up and fall off their diets.

Key Takeaways:

I Tried It: Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


More and more people are turning to hypnosis to help them lose weight. Does it work? There is growing research that points to the fact that for most people, hypnosis can help you lose weight. And, the good news is that it is non-invasive, works well with any diet and exercise techniques you take on, and doesn't require pills or other supplements.

Key Takeaways:

How Hypnosis Is Far From Fake Magic


Do not laugh when someone mentions hypnosis and its benefits. The truth is, hypnosis isn't magic, it isn't evil, and it isn't fake. The results speak for themselves, and many people have in fact benefited with the use of hypnosis when performed properly.

Key Takeaways:

I tried hypnosis to help me get healthy — here’s what happened


Can hypnosis improve your commitment to dieting and exercising? Many people are willing to try anything it takes to lose weight and exercise, including the author, who gives you an inside glimpse into the hypnosis experience. You'll learn the truth from one man's eyes in this story, making it easier to learn if you want to try hypnosis for yourself.

Key Takeaways:

Lifting The Curtain Of Hypnosis – The Reality Of Hypnosis vs The Myths


Hypnosis is often perceived as something that it is not. People tend to think it's a form of mind control, believing you can be unaware of what you are doing or may do things against your will. In reality, hypnosis is a form of relaxation we all experience everyday. Daydreaming, loss of time watching tv and other such events are forms of hypnosis. When you experience hypnosis therapy, you are simply relaxed enough to have an open mind to therapeutic suggestions. It's a safe and natural therapy method.

Key Takeaways:

How Does Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight?


Major stars are turning to hypnosis. For example, Matt Damon quit smoking through the aid of hypnosis and Reese Witherspoon uses hypnosis before taking on tough acting roles. And now, Fergie uses hypnosis to help control her bad eating habits. How does hypnosis work in dieting?

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I Tried Hypnosis to Change My Terrible Eating Habits


Can you relate to eating habits that include stuffing yourself one day, then starving yourself the next day, only to gain weight in the end? You know what to do: eat better and less, but your willpower fails. Could hypnosis change your attitudes and therefore, increase your diet success? The author of the attached article found that it wasn't willpower she needed, it was changing her attitudes.

Key Takeaways:

Using 'Willpower' to Lose Weight Will Doom You to Failure


One of the most common comments about why someone doesn’t reach their weight goals or stick to their diet is that they lack willpower. However, this is very misleading and incorrect. Willpower is not something someone should rely on to lose weight. They should not develop the mindset that they need to have the willpower to eat less or starve themselves to lose weight. Instead, they need to reevaluate their relationship with food and find ways to reset their thinking about food.

Key Takeaways:

Obese mum sheds five stone and three dress sizes by using hypnosis to beat addiction to crisps


Sharon Gill says "it was a matter of mind over matter." This nurse from Drimnagh, Ireland is talking about the 9 stone (126 pounds) she was able to lose through eating behavior hypnosis taken at the D4 Clinic. Sharon was inspired to do something new and drastic to change her life after looking at holiday pictures of herself. She had a friend who had experienced an amazing turnaround using the D4 Clinic, and she determined to try something there after many other types of techniques had failed to work.

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