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On a diet? Hypnosis could work, according to research

A study reported in the Journal of Clinical Psychology studied the effects of diet and hypnosis.  Two groups were formed:  both used weight-loss behavioral treatment - but one group also used hypnosis for dieting.  At the end of 9 weeks, both groups lost weight.  However, at the end of the 8-month and 2-year follow-ups, it was found that only the hypnosis group had additional weight loss, and that more of the hypnosis subjects had achieved and maintained their weight loss goals

Source for diet/hypnosis study:

Effectiveness of hypnosis as an adjunct to behavioral weight management.

Thoughts on being on a diet and hypnosis:

When you are on a diet - you need all of the help you can get!  Daily, we get bombarded with thousands of ad messages - a high percentage telling us to eat this ice cream, those chips, that fast food, and junk food in general.  Also, we are told over and over that we are one of two-thirds of Americans who are obese (with the implication that we always will be obese).  Circumventing negative input like this is tough!

We can possibly pump ourselves up and lose weight - for a while.  But, where do we get continuous positive messages about weight loss - messages that go even deeper in our subconscious than the advertisements?

According to this study, using hypnosis for dieting is a very effective way to counter these negative messages.  If you are now in the position of really wanting to lose weight - for good - it might be time to review hypnosis could do for you.