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I Tried It: Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


More and more people are turning to hypnosis to help them lose weight. Does it work? There is growing research that points to the fact that for most people, hypnosis can help you lose weight. And, the good news is that it is non-invasive, works well with any diet and exercise techniques you take on, and doesn't require pills or other supplements.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author was given simple instructions for losing weight: eat when you are hungry, eat what you crave, stop eating when you are full, and eat slowly and mindfully. 
  • Hypnosis isn't a diet itself. Rather, it is a way to help you separate your emotional triggers that make you want to eat too much from the need to simply nourish the body. 
  • There is a surprising amount of research that has shown that hypnosis works for losing weight. The first study, in 1986, found that those who were hypnotized lost an average of 17 pounds vs. the non-hypnotized group that lost 0.5 pounds. 

"Hypnosis is for anyone looking for a gentle way to lose weight and make healthy eating into a habit."

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