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Study shows that hypnosis is effective way to stop teeth grinding

So - you want to stop jaw clenching and teeth clenching now because:  you are tired of the jaw clenching that causes a sore jaw each morning; the tooth grinding is causing damage to your teeth; or simply because your sleeping partner complains about the sounds you make every night.

Study concludes that hypnosis to stop teeth grinding can create quick, enduring changes

Research has shown that hypnosis can help teeth clenching and grinding.  For example, a study by the Monroe Mental Health Center, Inc., in Norfolk, NE, describes a 63 year-old women with a 60-year history of tooth grinding (also called bruxism), who was treated with hypnosis for bruxism.  After hypnosis, not only did the teeth clenching and grinding stop, but evaluations demonstrated that she continued to stop teeth grinding - even after a 5 year follow-up.

Source:   Pub Med:  Understanding Change: five-year follow-up of brief hypnotic treatment for chronic bruxism.