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10 Ways You Can Become a Better You Than You Were Yesterday

Success steps

Most everyone wants to change something in their life. But, it turns out that change can be the hardest task in life. However, when people tweak their lives in a few ways, they find they CAN achieve their goals and become the person they want to become.


  • Focus on why the change is good, whether it is for a better job, a better relationship, more money, or a better you. Focusing on the positive will spur you ahead much better than focusing on the negative.
  • Let go of negativity. People who surround themselves with positive thoughts and positive people are more likely to get the change they want than people who surround themselves in negativity. Smile, say “yes” to helping others, and let go of angry thoughts.
  • Challenge yourself. Try to take one small step every day - no matter how small. As the days and weeks pass, you will be surprised at how far you will go with those small steps.
  • Be patient. If you keep taking a step a day and don’t allow yourself excuses for not getting over barriers that come your way, you will succeed. But, it will take a while. Just continue to pat yourself on the back for each small step - and in the end, your journey will take you where you want to go.

"Your personal journey of change will be hard, but the results are quite frankly endless. Keep that in mind next time you decide to give up and go back to being your old self."