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The Best Path to Long-Term Change Is Slow, Simple and Boring

steps to success

Yes, we have seen the "make big money fast from your home" and "lose 10 pounds in a week" articles, and we are all tempted by them. However - why would someone slave away at writing books if they know how to be rich without writing books? And, why would there be even one person overweight if it was so easy? 

Because, bottom line, you can succeed - but through slow, simple and yes, boring steps.


  • There are quick, complex ways to win - but they rarely work. The slow, everyday approach works nearly all the time. Yet we continue to fall for the quick fix.
  • For example, there are a few people out there that have made money gambling. There are even those who improve their odds by learning to gamble better. However, there are 194,715 hits for "gambling" in Amazon. If gambling is so great for getting rich, why would those "rich" people write books?
  • What does work? Small steps every single day towards a dream of yours that will provide you satisfaction - and the money you need.

And - as you take those small steps, be sure to always look back at what you have done - and pat yourself on the back. You will be surprised at how far you have gone.

You know what will work? Small actions repeated consistently over a very long period of time. Incremental change is short-term boring, but long-term exciting.