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How to perform with confidence


Performance anxiety, or stage fright, affects many people in different areas of their lives. Some feel they can't speak in public. Some feel they can't do well at work if others are watching. And some feel they can't take exams, compete in sports, or pursue relationships. This makes it tough to achieve goals and have a full, rich life. But there are steps people can take to feel both psychologically and mentally confident.

Key Takeaways:

  • Performance anxiety can be an on-going downward cycle:
    • People tell themselves they are going to fail
    • This self-criticism makes them feel bad
    • They then avoid these bad feelings by procrastinating and not doing the needed preparation
    • So, they don't do well, which causes them to tell themselves they are a failure
    • And - the cycle goes on and on
  • Hypnosis can help stop this pattern:
    • Hypnosis can help reduce the stressful feelings of panic and encourage focus through stress-reducing exercises.
    • Then, hypnosis can teach people how to replace the thoughts of failure with encouraging thoughts of being successful.
    • Once the stress and damaging self-criticism are reduced, hypnosis can talk to the unconscience mind, and help it to focus on positive self-talk and successful habits and actions.
    • Plus, hypnosis let's people see and feel themselves performing successfully, with confidence.
  • So, you can then use the calm, focused, successful feelings for a boost of motivation, confidence and a winning mindset, therefore breaking the pattern of self-criticism and procrastination, and letting you win in those important areas of your life.

"In fact a number of top professionals such as lawyers, corporate leaders, performers, engineers and athletes use clinical hypnosis to help them get into the winning mindset."

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