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Change your mind first with hypnosis


Everyone has a habit that they don’t like or something that they want to change. This may be something like smoking or trying to lose weight. Many people have been going about this the wrong way. Today, there is research that shows that hypnosis is very successful in helping people make changes in their lives. This is due to two factors:

  • People's money is on the line, and 
  • Hypnosis focuses on the person’s goals and then pushes them to achieve those goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do you have some habits that you want to change, such as bad eating habits or smoking? If you do, hypnosis has been shown to hep you change those habits.
  • A study of 2,400 psychology journals by Dr. Alfred Barrios, Jr. found that hypnosis topped other high-rated therapies. Hypnosis was successful 93% of the time, whereas psychotherapy had a 38% success rate, and cognitive-behavioral therapy had a 72% success rate.
  • In fact, over 12,000 studies have found that hypnosis is tops in changing your habits.

Hypnosis..." is now the number one way to engage the mind in producing success, particularly in areas of habit control...The statistics are clear. We must first change our mind in order to change our body, our life, our world."

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