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How to Break Through Weight Loss Plateaus


You lost a bunch of weight, patted yourself on the back, and then - the dreaded plateau hit, where even though you dieted perfectly, you didn't lose weight, the scale was just stuck. This is the point where a large percentage of dieters give up and fall off their diets.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you want to lose weight, you need to change the way you think about the scale and weight loss.
  • Measure your success by tracking your diet and giving yourself huge credit for staying on the diet. Do NOT measure your success by your scale - because the scale often lies. For example, if you drink a large glass of water then get on the scale, you will weigh one pound more. But we all know that this pound is water weight, not fat. So is it fair to berate yourself due to water weight?
  • It is a matter of training your mind to stop sabotaging your diet. Stop mentally telling yourself "what's the use, nothing ever works." Instead, train yourself to say that you are on your diet, doing well, and that your dieting success WILL lead to weight loss.

"But the foolish lies sabotaged me until I quit saying them. I quit doing things the wrong way and started doing things the right way. I solved my weight problem and you can too."

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