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Fresh and Fit: How hypnosis can help you lose weight, relieve stress


Are you struggling to lose weight and have no time for exercise? For many Americans, the stress at work, lack of time for exercise, and grabbing fast, high carb food leads to failure to keep fit. Jay McKenzie of reports that many people are turning to hypnotism to relieve stress and lose weight, calling hypnotherapy a 'resetting of the mind' by positive affirmation. In addition, hypnotherapy seems to be helping with anxiety, smoking cessation, and insomnia. 

Key Takeaways:

  • We know that losing weight and getting fit is the right thing to do - but we also know that somewhere we need to find the willpower to get - and stay - with a healthy lifestyle.
  • But - our body works against us. It doesn't care about how your clothes fit, it only cares that you have enough nourishment to not starve.
  • So - it takes a change in your mental state to make - and keep - the balance between wanting a healthy lifestyle while balancing the needs of the body.
  • This is where hypnosis can help. The goal of hypnosis is to stop the compulsions that lead us to an unhealthy lifestyle. And, with those compulsions tamed, we can move on towards taking rational steps towards diet and exercise.

"Hypnosis isn't mind-control like most of us have seen on TV or movies. Instead, the sessions are more like guided meditation."

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