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Sleep, sweet sleep: Somnology, NIH team up for sleep research


We all need sleep. However, a high percentage of people are not getting enough sleep. In fact, 70 million Americans are not getting enough sleep due to sleep disorders.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having your sleep tested through sleep centers is time-consuming, as you need to physically go to the sleep center. It can also cost between $2,000-$7,000.
  • So, Somnology and the National Institutes of Health are doing research to see how environment and diet impact sleep using the Somnology Plex Sleep Scanner.
  • With this wearable Plex, your pulse, breathing, and oxygen levels can be seen quickly via the app on users' mobile device.

"If left ignored, sleep disorders can have negative consequences on consumers’ overall health and well-being. With sleep disorders come accentuated comorbidities like obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. “We need to get ahead of it,” said Yam."