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10 Ways To Build Confidence

steps to build confidence

People need confidence for success. And, people find that they can exponentially boost their confidence and so, their successes, by taking some simple steps:

1) Accomplish something towards your goals every day. Those daily steps will lead to monthly - and yearly - goals attained, which in turn, feeds your confidence since you will then know that you can attain the goals you want.

2) Break down the large goals into manageable bites, and keep track of your progress so you can see for yourself what you can accomplish and where your tasks are taking you.

3) Live by your value system so you can be proud of your accomplishments.

4) Do that daily exercise. The time you take will be recouped via increased focus and memory retention, more energy, and reduced, energy-draining depression and stress.

5) Get over the debilitating fear of failure. Fear of failure is created when you essentially self-hypnotize yourself by always visualizing failure. Stop the fear visualizations by replacing these with visualizations about how success looks and how you will feel and act when you have success, then go back to accomplishing your goals, one task at a time.

6) Believe in yourself and stand up to those who doubt you - including the doubting voices in your head. Visualizing success will help here. When you continue to see yourself as successful, you can articulate this success to others - and yourself.

7) When you say you are going to do something, do it. It is hard to believe in yourself when you are feeling the guilt of not following through. One trick: under promise, over deliver. So, if you think you can perform a task by Tuesday, promise delivery by Thursday. When you deliver on Tuesday (or even Wednesday), then, they will be delighted, and you will feel great.

8) Stop those setbacks by visualizing success. When you feel yourself wanting to slip by, for example, spending money foolishly when you want to save money, or eating that cake when you want to diet, take a moment to breathe and visualize the happiness you will feel when you attain your goal. Then, pat yourself on the back when you don't slip. AND - if you do slip, forgive yourself, visualize how you will act successfully the next time, then just go on.

9) Accept advice if you need it, but not judgment. When you visualize your goal, you may see some steps that need to be cleared up. Many people can help you with these steps. However, when people give you "advice" that just doesn't jive with what you see as your goal and how to attain it, then they most likely are judging you or spewing their own personal self-doubts on you. If that is the case, change the subject. This is about your success, not their fears and judgment.

10) Play. Take some time out to do what you love, such as sports, outdoor activities, concerts, watching your favorite TV show - or actually playing a game with someone. Playing helps to recharge - and expand - your mind. When you go back to your tasks, then, you have more energy and creativity.