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Why a Lack of Sleep Makes Us Depressed … And What We Can Do About It


Recent data has shown that depression can be caused by lack of sleep and not the other way around. The amygdala in the brain, a structure that controls emotions, has been shown to be more responsive when subjects lack sleep and are given negative images, indicating that people who are sleep-deprived are less able to control their emotions. People with insomnia and depression can cure both by trying to keep consistent wake times and other tools to improve sleep.

Key Takeaways:

  • It has been found that if you have insomnia, you will have a greater chance of experiencing depression. 
  • As we have all seen from children who lack sleep, it is more difficult to control emotions when you are sleep-deprived or have slept poorly. So it is more difficult to fight emotions like depression. 
  • Based on research, the bottom line is that sleep is important, so you need to make sleep a priority.

"The possibility that depression leads to insomnia is also consistent with research in which I have been involved – where we found that adults with insomnia were more likely than others to have experienced anxiety and depression earlier in life."

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