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Hypnosis for self-esteem & confidence

Manifest What You Want


There are three steps to manifesting anything that you want with the power of your mind. First, you must focus on the clear end result you want to attract. Second, move in the general direction of your dream by focusing on it and taking daily action. Third, trust that the Universe is giving you guidance and moving you closer every day to your dream. Remind yourself daily of your goal by writing it down on a piece of paper and looking at it every day.

Key Takeaways:

How to perform with confidence


Performance anxiety, or stage fright, affects many people in different areas of their lives. Some feel they can't speak in public. Some feel they can't do well at work if others are watching. And some feel they can't take exams, compete in sports, or pursue relationships. This makes it tough to achieve goals and have a full, rich life. But there are steps people can take to feel both psychologically and mentally confident.

Key Takeaways:

Wishing you 'prosperity of mind' this year


Hypnosis helps you tap into your mind and discover confidence, peace of mind and a sense of abundance. This is why Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus use hypnosis to help them "get in the zone", and celebrities like Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis use hypnosis to find confidence and boost creativity. Although you can't just "think yourself rich", hypnosis allows you to feel a sense of confidence that will help you move on and accomplish your goals.

Key Takeaways:

Gain self confidence through hypnosis – one person’s journey

Does lack of self-confidence get you down? For example, do you want to start the day enthused and ready to take on the world, but then find that your personal enemy – lack of self-confidence - arises, and your energy is spent on that demon instead?

If you can relate to low self-confidence, this article on self-confidence and hypnosis, Confidence Tricks, is very enlightening. It describes a woman's personal journey through a series of workshops geared towards increasing self-confidence by hypnosis.   Read more »

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