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 Hypnotize sleep - research says it works

Hypnotize sleep: relax, turn on your iPhone, iPod or player, and drift away into peaceful sleep

Hypnotizing sleep works, according to an interesting study in the International Journal of Psychosomatics which compared subjects that were hypnotized for sleep with subjects with a stimulus control or a placebo for insomnia. According to the subjects' sleep diaries, those that were hypnotized improved sleep, whereas the other groups did not notice a change in their insomnia. Source: Hypnotize for sleep onset insomnia

Hypnotize sleep into your night

Insomnia can be devastating. Not only are you irritable, your lack of sleep affects your productivity, your immune system, and your ability to think clearly. This causes more worries and stress, which only increases your chance of not sleeping through the next night - a downward cycle! Studies show that if you get hypnotized, you sleep better.  It makes sense - hypnosis goes into the subconscious, circumventing that critical mind that feels it MUST think about all your worries throughout the night - even though you never solve those problems by that tossing and turning! Getting sleep with hypnosis is a natural sleep aid.

And, studies show hypnosis is better than sleeping pills like Lunesta, Sonata and Ambien. With self-hypnosis sleep solutions, you can have a sleep and relaxation download at your fingertips,next to your bedside so you can use them anytime you want. Plus, online hypnosis downloads are inexpensive and, you can count on a relaxing night's sleep and productive days ahead.