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Obese mum sheds five stone and three dress sizes by using hypnosis to beat addiction to crisps


Sharon Gill says "it was a matter of mind over matter." This nurse from Drimnagh, Ireland is talking about the 9 stone (126 pounds) she was able to lose through eating behavior hypnosis taken at the D4 Clinic. Sharon was inspired to do something new and drastic to change her life after looking at holiday pictures of herself. She had a friend who had experienced an amazing turnaround using the D4 Clinic, and she determined to try something there after many other types of techniques had failed to work. Sharon has dropped three dress sizes in a year and is completely sold on the process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sharon Gill underwent a course of hypnosis at the D4 Clinic and lost almost 5 stone (70 pounds) without even trying.
  • The new 2017 program at the D4 clinic costs €499 and includes unlimited sessions until the client loses weight, but each person must lose 5lbs in between each session.
  • Sharon Gil has dropped three dress sizes and she hasn’t been tempted by her favorite crisps for almost a year.

"But now after undergoing a course of hypnosis at the D4 Clinic, Sharon has lost almost 5 stone without even trying."

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