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Tony Robbins explains what anyone can do every day, month, and year to be more successful

steps to success

People can radically change their lives - if they pay Tony Robbins, one of the premier life coaches, $1 million/year. Or - they could pay thousands for his seminars. But, for free, anyone can start following Tony Robbin’s yearly/monthly/daily steps for success right now.

Tony Robbins steps towards success:

  • Every year: Schedule time to learn something. Obviously, that could be a Tony Robbin’s course. But, for free, you could change your life by, for example:
    • Learning a new skill, such as coding at Codeacademy. 
    • Finding a good book in a strategic area of your life. 
    • Signing up for a meaningful group that will expand your goals at, for example,
  • Monthly: Find a mentor and check in with them. This could, for example, be a friend, or someone from a group. Then, 1-2 times a month, check in with them and review your goals, your activities, and what you want to continue to do, and what you want to change, based on your successes and failures.
  • Daily: Do a 10-minute 4-step ritual that Tony Robbin’s calls “priming”.

So, a few simple steps, and you could be on your way. For, as Tony Robbins says:

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."